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web-Big_Rivers_tour_1919 The Northwest Kentucky Workforce is drawn from three states and encompasses more than 300,000 people. From the heart of the region to the edges is a maximum of an hour's drive. No matter the skills level your company needs, you can find it in the area's large and diverse labor pool. If an abundant workforce with diverse skills that is close by is important to you, than Northwest Kentucky is just what you've been looking for!

The location of Northwest Kentucky allows employers to draw from a large and diverse rural and urban workforce.  Kentucky is the state with the overall lowest cost for doing business and affordable labor at all levels is a factor in that ranking. 

The largely non-union environment is business friendly with a stable and productive workforce.

Training is available through a comprehensive network of post secondary and technical schools.  There is a pipeline of over 58,000 students coming from 22 colleges and technical schools within 60 miles.  For an overview of training programs see the education and training section.

Northwest Kentucky Works links job seekers and employers through a system which is free to participants, easy to use, and based on demonstrated skills and training, go to to learn more.