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Treatment Information (gallons per day)
Avg. Flow
Calhoun STP 400,000 214,000 186,000
City of Livermore - 270-278-2113
Livermore STP 310,000 280,000 30,000
City of Morganfield - 270-389-2525
Morganfield STP 3,500,000 1,760,000 1,740,000
Clay Sewer System - 270-664-2444
Clay STP 200,000 180,000 20,000
Henderson Water Utility - 270-826-2421
Henderson STP 15,000,000 7,840,000 7,160,000
Island Wastewater Department - 502-486-9967
Island STP 128,000 132,000 -4,000
Providence Municipal Utilities - 270-667-2511
Providence STP 629,000 710,000 -81,000
Sebree Sewer Department - 270-835-7501
KIMOP Permit - City of Sebree N/A N/A N/A
Sturgis Sewer System - 270-333-2166
Sturgis STP 500,000 440,000 60,000
Uniontown Water & Sewer Department - 502-822-4277
Uniontown STP 160,000 130,000 30,000