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Transportation | Henderson Mclean Union Webster County | NWKY Forward

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Northwest Kentucky offers businesses a unique convergence of river, rail, road and air transportation.  However your company needs to move people and products, Northwest Kentucky delivers.


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Rail service is provided throughout Northwest Kentucky by CSX.  In fact, a major north-south rail line runs through the heart of the region.  Several industrial parks are located next to CSX rail. 



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Northwest Kentucky is bounded by the mighty Ohio River on the north, the Tradewater on the west, and the Green flows along and through the region’s east boundary.   Barge traffic can be found all along these systems, but especially on the Ohio.

The Henderson Riverport is a full-port, intermodal facility serving local, national and international industry. Located at mile 808 on the Ohio River and twenty miles from the confluence with the Green River, the Henderson County Riverport provides customers with the most economical transportation available.

It is one of the most active river ports in the Midwest and is a pivotal point for all river shipping in the Midwest.  In addition to its geographical benefit, it is a customs port-of-entry for the receiving and shipping of foreign goods and maintain FTZ status. The Henderson County Riverport offers unique advantages over other area ports with a lifting capacity of 250,000 pounds, good road access for heavy and over sized truckloads, and rail service provided by CSX transportation. 


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Northwest Kentucky lies at the juncture of several major highways including Interstate 64 and two limited-access, four lane parkways (Breathitt and Audubon).  The region is less than an hour’s drive from Interstate 24 via the Breathitt Parkway.  The designated route of I-69 runs through the heart of Northwest Kentucky.


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No matter how you fly, Northwest Kentucky provides easy access.  Commercial air service is available at Evansville Regional Airport and provides fast and affordable air transportation.  Additionally, three high quality local airports (Henderson, Providence and Sturgis) serve the area.  Each offers unique services and amenities for both planes and jets.

Local Airports:

Commercial / Regional Airports

Name Location Distance
Evansville Regional Airport Evansville, IN 30 min
Owensboro-Daviess County Regional Airport Owensboro, KY 30 min
Barkley Regional Airport West Paducah, KY 90 min
Louisville International Airport Louisville, KY 2 hrs
Nashville International Airport Nashville, TN 2 hrs