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Parks and Golf.  Hunting and Horse Racing. Boating and Fishing.

If you love the outdoors, then Northwest Kentucky has just what you are looking for!  This area is home to countless municipal parks, state parks, forests, natural areas, Winery's (Ruby Moon Winery & White Buck Winery) and open woodlands.  Camping, hiking and hunting opportunities are abundant.  With the area bounded by rivers, there are numerous boating opportunities.

For live sporting events, nothing beats a day at the races.  Ellis Parkin Henderson offers live racing in the summer and simulicasting nearly year round.  Additionally, minor league sports and college athletics are available in nearby Evansville.

If you are into golf, then get your swing ready.  Ten courses call the area home.

  • Audubon State Park, public - 9 holes
  • Atkinson Park, public – 9 holes
  • Bent Creek, semi-private – 18 holes
  • Breckinridge Golf and Country Club, semi-private – 18 holes
  • Elkwood Golf Course, public – 18 holes
  • Henderson Country Club, private – 18 holes
  • Players Club, semi-private – 18 holes
  • Providence Golf and Country Club, semi-private – 18 holes
  • Rough Creek Golf, public – 9 holes
  • Winged Shadow Golf, public – 9 holes

Learn more about the area's endlesss recreational opportunities.


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