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Henderson Mclean Union Webster County Economic Profile | NWKY Forward

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Northwest Kentucky Profile

Northwest Kentucky has something to offer almost every taste. This four county region of Henderson, McLean, Union and Webster is 90,000 people strong, is a part of the Evansville-Henderson MSA, and offers businesses and individuals all the benefits of being part of a metropolitan area, while maintaining our small town charm. In NWKY, you will find that our numerous health care choices, unique shopping destinations, inspiring arts scene, mild climate and challenging array of recreational opportunities make it the place you have been looking for.


Location & Transportation Advantages

Our excellent highway, rail, river and air service allows commerce to flow quickly to all corners of the United States. A one-day drive to major markets such as Atlanta, Chicago, Cincinnati, Detroit, Kansas City, Memphis, and St. Louis makes Northwest Kentucky the right location for just-in-time deliveries.


Northwest Kentucky is crossed by two limited access parkways (Audubon and Breathitt) which provide easy access to nearby I-64 to the north and I-24 to the south. The Breathitt Parkway is officially part of the new I-69 corridor. Additionally, US 41 and US 60 cross the region providing additional excellent highway access.


A primary north-south line for CSX runs through Northwest Kentucky. Several industrial parks have active rail access.


The Henderson Riverport is a full-port, intermodal facility serving local, national and international industry. Located at mile 808 on the Ohio River and twenty miles from the confluence with the Green River, the Henderson County Riverport is one of the most active river ports in the Midwest and is a pivotal point for all river shipping in the Midwest. In addition to its geographical benefit, the port is a customs port-of-entry for the receiving and shipping of foreign goods and maintains FTZ status.


Commercial air service is available at nearby Evansville Regional Airport with 4 more commercial airports: Owensboro-Daviess County Regional Airport, 30 minutes away; Barkley Regional Airport 90 minutes away; and Louisville International and Nashville International 2 hours away. Additionally, 3 general aviation airports serve Northwest Kentucky.


Kentucky offers a large number of progressive incentives for businesses. The following list includes those state incentives that are generally most applicable for industries considering Northwest Kentucky and several regional loan programs.

  • Kentucky Business Incentives Program
  • IEIA Energy Incentives
  • KEIA Sales Tax Rebate
  • KEDFA Loan
  • KEDFA Small Business Loans
  • KSBIC Program
  • Green River Area Development District Loan Programs

Education & Training

Northwest Kentucky we know that a community's education system is important to families considering a move to a new area. This is why Northwest Kentucky is pleased to offer some of the best public and private schools in the state. Elementary, middle school, high school and even the college level, our educational offerings are second to none.

The Sullivan Technology Center at Henderson Community College includes space for customized training and education (hard skills and soft skills). This new building enhances the college’s existing training and instructional efforts as well as serves as a center for business and industry and the local workforce.

KCTCS (Kentucky Community & Technical Colleges System), the state's system of community and technical colleges is making higher education more accessible, more relevant, and more responsive to citizen, employer, and community needs.

  • Northwest Kentucky has some of the lowest energy costs in the nation!
  • Big Rivers & HMPL operate electric facilities in the area and an IGCC (clean coal) merchant plant is scheduled to begin construction late 2009.
  • Northwest KY has an ample workforce drawn from a three state area with specialized training, available to prepare workers for today’s automotive processes. Total workforce - 300,000.
  • Northwest Kentucky is home to 12 certified industrial parks and sites. These sites offer more than 6,400 acres of industrial property - plenty of room for distribution facilities.
  • Japanese Saturday school just across the river in Evansville
  • Kentucky has a rich agricultural heritage and NWKY produces over half of the state’s soybeans and corn as well as 60% of its wheat crop.
  • Kentucky is the third largest coal producing state and NWKY has 21.8 billon tons in coal reserves.