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News and Announcements

Past News Releases

Union County among beneficiaries of $41M education grant

2012-2013 NWKF Annual Report

Gov. Beshear Announces Accuride to Add 30 Jobs for Manufacturing Expansion in Henderson

Kentucky Communities Rally to Boost Workforce Skills, Starting with Education

Gov. Beshear Announces Gibbs Die Casting to Expand Operations, Add 160 Jobs in Henderson

New Equipment Could Add Jobs at Sunspring America, Inc.

Signs to show employers that Henderson & Union Co. are 'Certified Work Ready' & 'Work Ready in Progress'

Four Star might develop 'landing pad' for industry

Power4 Meeting: Health Care Reform...The Next Steps? The Road Continues...

College & Career Fair to be held in Webster County

NW Kentucky Locations & Expansions Report

Kentucky’s unemployment rate drops slightly to 8.1 percent in December

NWKF launches new mobile website

Signs of the Times: Northwest Kentucky Forward

Kentucky’s unemployment rate fell slightly to 8.2 percent in November 2012

Kentucky establishes Center for Education and Workforce Statistics

2012 Wage and Benefit Survey Report

Kentucky job growth in past year ranks second in the nation

Northwest Kentucky Forward Seeks New President & CEO

Northwest Kentucky Forward Wage & Benefit Survey Results Coming Soon

Northwest Kentucky Forward Wage & Benefit Survey 2012 - 2013

Keychain-productions LLC becomes first client of NWKY Entrepreneurial Center

Gov. Beshear Announces Nearly $1,000,000 for Water System Consolidation in Union County

Union County named Work Ready Community in Progress

Webster County Presents Checks to Three Workforce Development Initiatives

Water expansion project in McLean County moving forward

Union County recommended as Certified Work Ready Community In Progress

Motivational speaker to address Northwest Kentucky Training Consortium

Union County Shopping Center to include 3 new businesses

Henderson & Union County High School Students Tour UK Research Labs

Gov. Beshear awards Work Ready Community certification to Henderson County

Gov. Beshear awards Work Ready Community certification to Henderson County

Northwest Kentucky Ranks High In Crop Production

Spotlight on Existing Business - Pioneer Plastics

Henderson, KY is a no-brainer when it comes to location

Henderson County closer to becoming a Work Ready Community

Innovative Workflow Technologies Receives State Business Award

Redding to Join NKTC as Industry Partnership Project Manager

OpportUNITY 2016 Exceeds $2.7 Million

Northwest Kentucky Forward 2012 Public Policy Survey

4 Star Industrial Park approved for Foreign Trade Zone

What You Need to Know About Government Contracting

Northwest Kentucky Job Fair - February 23, 2012

Potential Company Looking to Create Hundreds of Jobs in NW KY

Entrepreneurship Center’s Request for Proposals for Space to Lease

Morganfield celebrates KU's new facility

Northwest Kentucky Training Consortium Receives Industry Partnership Grant


42,500-square-foot technical support call center AVAILABLE

Gov. Beshear Announces M&M Trucking to Add New Jobs in Webster County