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Entrepreneurship Center’s Request for Proposals for Space to Lease

Northwest Kentucky Forward has received grant funding from the USDA Rural Development Administration and from the Delta Regional Authority for the creation of a business incubator. This Request for Proposals for Space to Lease is for the proposed Northwest Kentucky Entrepreneurship Center that will house an incubator, training space, and NWKF offices.

NWKF is requesting proposals meeting the following criteria:

•    Located in downtown Henderson
•    3500-4500 sq. ft.
•    At least 7 offices, including 1 executive office
•    At least 4 entrepreneurial suites (min. 10 x 10)
•    At least 1 conference room (capable of holding a 16-20 people)
•    At least 1 training room (capable of holding at least 40 people)
•    Reception area
•    Kitchenette
•    Parking

Lease terms and conditions should be included with the response.   Multiple responses and/or lease scenarios are welcome.

NWKF is a not-for-profit, public private partnership.

Deadline to submit a proposal is at the close of business on Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Please submit proposals to

Northwest Kentucky Forward
PO Box 674
1990 Barrett Court, Suite A
Henderson, KY 42419