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Program of Work | Economic Development | Northwest Kentucky Forward

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Program of Work

The Board of Directors, Leadership of Northwest Kentucky and especially our Existing Businesses, continue to identify a strong, on-going Existing Business Program as a key strategy to create wealth and opportunity for the region for Fiscal Year 2012-13. It is important that the entire program responds to the needs and concerns expressed by the businesses. The primary target for this program remains those manufacturers and service
providers who qualify to participate in Kentucky economic development assistance programs. Since the beginning of 2007, it became obvious that the “Program of Work” had grown and strengthened significantly since its inception, resulting in the following:

• Increased awareness and acceptance of NWKF;
• The formation of strong working relationships with existing businesses
throughout the four-county region;
• Additional programs and substantial increase in attendance and expense for the
programs we offer;
• Solidification of partnerships other state and regional economic development

Northwest Kentucky Forward’s Existing Business Program has three objectives. The
program will strive to accomplish the following:

1. retain existing manufacturers, qualified distribution centers, and qualified service
2. expand employment and increase investment in capital and workforce by these
3. promote the existing business base as the area’s number one recruitment tool and
source of both lead generation and product improvement.

All of the activities of the Existing Business program will seek to accomplish one of these three objectives, and in many cases, an activity may touch 2 or 3 objectives.

Download the 2012-2013 Program of Work