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Existing Business

Northwest Kentucky Forward has identified the creation and growth of a strong, on-going existing business program as a key strategy to creating wealth and opportunity for the region. The primary target for this program are those existing manufacturers, distribution centers, and service providers who qualify to participate in Kentucky economic development assistance programs.


This program has three objectives:

1) retain existing manufacturers, distribution centers, and service providers;

2) expand employment and increase investment in capital and workforce by these businesses;

3) promote the existing business base as the area's number one recruitment tool and source of both lead generation and product improvement.

The leadership of Northwest Kentucky Forward believes strongly in working with our existing companies that a position has been created to focus exclusively on their needs.

Directory of Existing Businesses

Approximately 140 businesses in Northwest Kentucky qualify for participation in the incentive programs managed by the Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development. These companies range from Fortune 500 facilities to locally-owned shops. The list includes existing manufacturers, distribution centers, and service providers.


Northwest Kentucky offers financial incentives to expanding existing businesses! Every program that is available to new companies is also available to expanding existing businesses. From tax credits to training funds, we want to assist in making your business thrive. Click here to learn more about our incentive programs or contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to learn more.


Existing Business Quarterly Newsletter

April - June 2012 E-Newsletter